Client: Self directed
Disciplines: Design for print, illustration, screen print
Photographs: Holly Booth Photography

This two colour hand pulled A2 screen print was a self directed project designed and printed as part of my Handsomely collection. I love the flat colours and imperfections of screen printed artwork. ‘When I Grow Up’ features smart typography and illustrations designed to inspire your favourite tiny people (and big ones too) to be whatever they want to be.

Like most of my illustration work this print started life as hand drawn images, which I then redrew on screen to create clean, crisp lines and forms. Artwork was then separated out into two positives – one for each colour chosen – and printed by hand at central London studio Print Club London.

I’ve printed a limited run of 20, which will be available to buy online shortly. If you’d like to reserve a copy let me know. All limited edition prints are signed, numbered and embossed.

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